Are you a foreign resident or homeowner? Then welcome!

Welcome to Ceriana council’s website. This section has been specially set up to help foreign residents and property owners find the extra information they need to settle in and make the most of Ceriana’s resources.

Council services

Here is a quick guide to the different services the council offers:


If you need to discuss your residency or you want to change your residence details, or you’d like to have an identity card, you need to visit the Anagrafe. The e-mail address is and this office is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to to midday. You can also register to vote in local elections in the anagrafe if you are a resident.


If you would like to register a child in a local school or in our summer camp, or you need to find out information on social services, you can contact the ragioneria office. The e-mail address is and the office is open Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9.00am to midday. All children, whether they are residents of Ceriana or not, can participate in the summer camp, a day camp that takes local children on trips to the seaside and the mountains.

Ufficio Tecnico

If you need information on planning permission, or urban planning parameters, or you are experiencing problems with the water supply or with street lighting, you need to speak to the council’s Ufficio Tecnico. The e-mail address is and this office is open on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9am to midday.


If you want information on how to pay council taxes, you need to talk to the Tributi office. The email address is and the office is open Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9.00am to to midday.

Just arrived?

If you’ve just bought a property in Ceriana, then you need to visit the council offices, in the Municipio building in Corso Italia, to register for the rubbish disposal services and to let them know of the change in ownership of the building. Your estate agent will probably help you do this as part of his or her fees. However, if in any doubt, come see us and we’ll sort all the paperwork out with you.

Council taxes

Council taxes


If you are a homeowner in Ceriana, there are three council taxes you need to pay every year.

TARI (rubbish tax)

IMU (the new council tax)



Is payable by all homeowners in Ceriana, whether their property is a prima casa i.e. their main residence, or a holiday home. 

Residents are asked to calculate the IMU Themselves, though the estate agent who sold you your property can help you make this calculation, and you can also ask Ceriana council’s Tributi office for help.

IMU is payable twice a year, in June and December. The deadline for the first payment is June 16th.

You can pay IMU using an F24 form. If you have Internet banking facilities with an Italian bank, you will find an F24 page on their website. 

If you would like help with filling in the F24 form online, or you would like to be sent a paper version, please do not hesitate to contact


TARI (rubbish tax)

When you buy a property, you need to sign a form declaring the taxable area in the council. However, your estate agent may have done this for you when you bought the property.
You can pay TARI via Internet banking if you are abroad, using the council’s bank coordinates, which now appear on the tax demand. You should receive a TARI tax demand every year. If you haven’t, please contact